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Item IDItem DescriptionMax FlowRPMPump MotorInt MaterialDuty-Service#PriceNotesSiteListing SiteSBU
MakeModelMotor Power
»l/m  GPM(RPM)»kW  HP
235115 Prominent DLTA0280PVT2000U1C130ENO 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235116 Prominent DLTA0450PVT2000UIC030ENO 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235112 Prominent DLTA073ONPE0000U1C130ENO 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235117 Prominent GMXA0708PPE20001C1300EN01EN 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235118 Prominent GMXA0715PPE20001C1300EN01EN 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235119 Prominent GMXA0715PPE20001C1300EN01EN 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235106 Prominent MDLA100600TTT0001C030ENO 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235105 Prominent S1CBH0742PVTS070U181OSOEN 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
236651 Prominent S3CBH120145PVTS000U18510SOEN   3,455.00 TarragonaTarragonaW&P
235107 Prominent S3CBH120145PVTS000U18510SOEN 1 TarragonaTarragonaW&P

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